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Lynn’s Australian Shepherds, Wombat and Dingbat, have an advice column at wombat-dingbat.com. In this time of trouble you can get advice from them there.

My book, Bread and Other Miracles, has been published. Click here to buy it.
Bread and Other Miracles book

Ever since I read Lynn Ungar’s Camas Lilies — a poem that has touched the lives of thousands of people—I’ve hoped she would publish a collection of poetry. Bread and Other Miracles is a wish come true. These poems come from and speak to many dimensions of what it means to be human. But they have this in common: they take subtle, complex, and elusive experiences and make them accessible without diminishing the mystery. They give the reader a chance to walk around and into the miracles of everyday life, to dwell more deeply in self, other, nature, and spirit. Immerse yourself in this world of words and find yourself more deeply immersed in the world of your own life.

Parker J. Palmer
(author of Healing the Heart of Democracy,
Let Your Life Speak, and The Courage to Teach)

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